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LogoYou are a journalist who just lost his member card, and then who is prevented from accessing the museum exhibitions furthermore... However, you need to infiltrate the building so you may finish to write your article in time by the end of the day.

Built within two days for the Digital Art Jam#3, The Exhibition is a infiltration game with weird humour where you must collect as many words as possible before the exhibition completes. Close to the guides to get words, but don't stay too long in their sight (and the visitors' ones) or you may be detected!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, and that's all. Oh, you may try to whistle with F too.


  • Romain DANNIN : game design, level design
  • Benjamin DARMON : sound design
  • Sébastien GAUMIN : IA programmer
  • Hyunah JUNG : artistic direction
  • Baptiste PERRAUD : gameplay programmer

Source Code here


The Exhibition - Win Build.zip 184 MB

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